Tour of Pompeii

Stay at the hotel Sorrento Soleluna and discover Pompei:

Pompeii is Italy's most famous archaeological site with an excavated area of 44 hectares, it is remarkably unique in the world; no other ancient town has been brought to light so completely. Discovered chance during excavation for a canal in the 16th century, the ruins of Pompeii were not recognized for what they were until further explorations in the 18th century. Scientific excavations started only at the end of the 19th century but continued steadily until most of the ancient town was uncovered and are still occurring on today. Based on calculation of the city walls, Pompeii covered an area of 66 hectares, and was originally an Etruscan and then Sannite town, and it was colonized by the Romans in 80 B.C., At the time of the eruption, experts estimate the town counted about 35,000 inhabitants.

How to reach Pompeii

From hotel Sorrento Soleluna you can arrive in Pompeii:
  • By train maintains regular service from Sorrento to Pompeii. The tickets costs 2,00 euro;
View of Pompeii