Stay at the hotel Sorrento Soleluna and discover Amalfi: In 1343, the earthquake destroyed Amalfi. Until that moment Amalfi was a glorious city to regain its balance after the Dark Ages. Amalfi first appears in the 6th century; by the 9th it had achieved its independence from dukes of Naples and was probably the most important trading port of southern Italy; with a large colony of merchant at Costantinople and connections with all the Muslim lands. The earthquake of 1343 completed Amalfi's decline, but what is left of the place today; with the population of 5000 people, is beautiful almost to excess. Today, Amalfi only gets to relive its glory days every 4 years, when it hosts the Pisans, Genoese and Venetians in the antique boat race of the four Maritime Republic in 2013.

How to reach Amalfi

From hotel Sorrento Soleluna you can arrive in Amalfi:
  • By bus SITA maintains regular bus service from Naples,Sorrento and Salerno to Amalfi and Positano and the tickets it cost 2,40 euro;
  • By ferry METRO' DEL MARE
  • maintains regular service from Naples,Sorrento,Salerno and islands of Capri and Ischia,to Positano,Amalfi and Minori.It operates between April to September and it takes 75 minutes the MM2 and about 2 hours with the local line MM3 and the tickets it costs about 5 to 9 euro depending on the distance;
Duomo di Amalfi