Marina di Cassano

Stay at the hotel Sorrento Soleluna and discover Marina di Cassano: In Marina di Cassano, you can see that the view looks like a postcard with the color of the houses and all the boats along the shore which make this seaside village unique in the whole Sorrento Peninsula. It is a small fishing village accessible by ramps with special fishermen's houses all around it and the wonderful chapel of St. Maria delle Grazie, partly excavated in tufo stones. The place is also well known for its bathing establishments with beaches mainly with volcanic sand, where you can find restaurants with a traditional cuisine and bars where to take a cold drink. Nearby the bathing establishments there are lots of car parkings, just few meters from them. It is also well known for the procession of the Holy Virgin, on July 1st which attracts many tourist every year.

How to reach Marina di Cassano

From hotel Sorrento Soleluna to Marina di Cassano there's a shuttle service that take 10 minutes to get there or the lift.  Marina di Cassano